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Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Ketch Antipasto $13.00 each
House smoked salmon, gouda and housemade boursin cheeses, pepperoncinis, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, kalamata and green olives, and baked spinach tortillas.

Tuna Tar Tar $12.00 each
Fresh Ahi Tuna, tossed in a sweet Thai Chili Sauce on top of seaweed salad and wonton chips.

Sweet Pea Risotto $10.00 each
Sweet pea puree, pearl onions, parmesan cheese, and white wine.

Fresh Atlantic Calamari $12.00 each
Fried jalapeno slices, mandarin oranges, and sriracha lime aioli.

PEI Mussels $12.00 each
In a red curry sauce, roasted tomatoes, scallions, sambal, and crostinis.

Fried Goat Cheese $9.00 each
With baby spinach and a berry compote.

With a house made dry rub or buffalo sauce, chipotle ranch or blue cheese and celery. 6 for $6.00 or 12 for $11.00

Veggie Egg Rolls $8.00 each
Made in house with fresh vegetables, served with a sweet Thai chili.

Smoked Tuna Dip $10.00 each
Fresh smoked tuna, scallions, diced jalapenos, cream cheese, in an Anaheim pepper and baked crostinis.

Seafood Nachos $15.00 each
Crab, shrimp and scallops on house fried potato chips, with blended cheese and salsa roja

Wings $11.00 each
With a house made dry rub or traditional buffalo sauce, ranch or blue cheese dressing.